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05/01/08 07:35 PM #1    

Mindy "Melynda" Ancell

Welcome to the Fairfield High School Class Of 1988 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/02/08 05:44 PM #2    

Lori Angstead (Vaughan)

Thank you Mindy for setting this up! This is great. I wish we had it several years ago. Great Job!

05/12/08 08:13 PM #3    

Jennifer Jj Schrum (Gilpin)

we are a talkative bunch aren't we???

05/15/08 12:01 PM #4    

Alycia Lisa Ausman (Nelson)

Hey Mindy,


05/16/08 02:55 PM #5    

Paula Clingan (Angstead)

Wow Mindy, I'm so impressed. Thanks for all of your hard work setting this up!! Way to go...

06/29/08 10:06 PM #6    

Laura Baker (Crane)

I've been all through the profiles tonight. I must say that we All have the MOST BEAUTIFUL children I've ever seen! And look how successful we've become with our lives, careers and families. I for one am proud!

08/08/08 02:25 PM #7    

Laurie Neff (Swanson)

So, a typical "girl question" - what is the expected "dress" for the Saturday night event, or is it anything goes?

08/09/08 04:50 PM #8    

Carol Davis (Ward)

I would also like to know what the preferred attire is for the dinner/dance on Saturday night. And - I am really looking forward to seeing everyone!

08/09/08 05:14 PM #9    

Jennifer Jj Schrum (Gilpin)

I don't know about you guys but I will be on vacation so I'm coming casual and ready to party!!!

08/12/08 03:40 PM #10    

Jennifer Leyden (Perry)

I was overwhelmed by offers of help for my transportation need--many thanks to each of you for your generousity! I've got a plan in place now, and look forward to seeing everyone in just a few weeks.

08/14/08 04:03 PM #11    

Marcy Goettsche (Murphy)

I'd say anything goes on the attire. I remember at the ten year we had people wearing jeans right up to almost formal wear and I don't think anyone felt out of place. We're all easy going people, so I'd say wear what makes you feel comfortable and/or good! I love this website and have had so much fun reading through the profiles! I look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!

08/16/08 06:53 PM #12    

Amy Fordyce (Weber)

Hey ladies, I say we tell the guys it is a formal, just so we can see them in tuxes one more time!! Or maybe we should tell them that they are supposed to wear what they wore to work when they were in high school. (SHUDDER) I am coming from a show so I will be dressed up a little, but I'd say anything but naked works for me.
I can't wait to see everyone. Jennifer let me know how your plans go to get here and if I can help you, I will.

08/16/08 11:38 PM #13    

Linda Prill (Mench)

It seems things are falling into place --thank you for all the work you've done to put the reunion together! I have to say, I'm not getting much unpacking done here in Ohio (been here 3 weeks now) because I keep getting lost in this website reading about everyone and enjoying all the photos! What a great bunch we've all turned out to be. I'm sad everyone can't come! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


09/07/08 07:26 PM #14    

Shirley Fitzgerald (Rainbolt)

Hey Mindy! Thanks for setting this up. It's great. I hope to see everyone at the next reunion! I had a blast!

09/07/08 09:40 PM #15    

Charles Chuck Yeoman

Mindy thanks again for getting this going,had a awsome time at the dinner and dance.Was great to see everyone at the picnic and to see everyone's kids.It's great to see everyone after 20 years hard to think of were the time has gone.Everyone looked great hope everyone keeps in contact through this site.Thanks again Mindy and everyone who helped out to set everything up and to make this possible.

09/08/08 09:17 AM #16    

Laurie Neff (Swanson)

Kudos to the committee for putting together such a great weekend. It was great fun to see everyone and what we have all become. Look forward to the next time around!

09/08/08 12:45 PM #17    

Carol Davis (Ward)

To the organization committee - you did an AMAZING JOB with the 20-year reunion weekend!! I am so happy that you included those of us that moved away before graduating from FHS.

Everyone that I talked to made me feel very much welcome at the reunion and I loved seeing & talking to everyone! Sorry I missed talking to a few of you - time just went so fast during each event! You all turned out wonderful and have very nice spouses & beautiful children. My daughter, Kellie, also had a really fun time meeting those of you at the school tour & picnic. I'd love to come back again for future reunions. (I'll convince my husband he has to make it next time - I know he would have had fun too)!

I look forwarding to keeping in touch with any of you that wish to. Please feel free to email or call me anytime!

Bob & Dave - A BIG Thank You for the fun time on Friday night too!

To all of you that read this and did not make the reunion - next time, you HAVE to attend! It really was a BLAST!

Carol (Davis) Ward

09/09/08 09:04 AM #18    

Amy Fordyce (Weber)

What a great weekend! I wish we had more time! Seems like most of us still like each other (And we all know that Dave LOVES us!) and we all had a great time. I'm sorry that some plans changed and some people who were going to make it had to cancel. It was so nice to see how lives had changed, (and some hadn't changed that much) since high school. Thanks to the planners, the workers and the attendees. It was really a fun weekend.

I hope that this website can stay up. If you need any donations to keep it running, let me know. I hope that everyone will use it as a way to keep in touch with all of the rest of us to let us know what is happening. Just because we might be out of touch, doesn't mean we're not interested! I was reading profiles like crazy, trying to memorize names and recognize faces!

Again, thanks so much to everyone that made this weekend so great. Everyone wanted more time to be together. Maybe next reunion we should do a weekend long Disney cruise?!? That would gives us more time, plus, on hand babysitters, no driving after our bar time together, and I could actually turn off my phone!

Keep the website going if possible, and find those that were unavailable this time. Thanks again and again.

09/10/08 12:26 AM #19    

Jennifer Jj Schrum (Gilpin)

Hey Everybody!!
Wow you guys! What a kick ass weekend!!! Kent and I had a blast! We're still talking about it!
A million thanks to everyone who helped put this reunion together. Also a big thanks to Bob and Dave. What a great party!!! I thought the name tags were really cool!! Was my hair really that short???
It was good to see everyone so happy. I can't wait until the next reunion!
Thanks again everyone!

09/11/08 10:12 AM #20    

Cynthina Cindy Clemmons (Kofron)

Thanks so much for posting pictures - for those of us who couldn't make it! It is good to see pictures of everyone and try and figure out who they are.

05/06/13 01:01 PM #21    

Bob Schenk/Espy

Ok, I know Mindy will post this info real soon. I just want to get it out ASAP. Friday  Aug 9th we have reserved the(Top of the Rock) from 8:00pm till 10:00pm. However the owner said he'd let us stay til 12:00am, then we can move downstairs.

Top of the Rock is not charging us for using the upstairs, so several of us are meeting around 6:30pm to eat dinner there to support them. We would love to have as many people there to eat dinner with, so call Top of the Rock and make a reservation between 6:00-7:00pm. Call 641-470-1515- let them know you're with the Class of 88 reunion. Hope to see all of you there!!!!

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